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Success of a project often depends on a number of complex details and technical parameters.

With my experience in the field of wireless technologies and embedded software I gladly contribute to your project, helping to achieve a successful outcome.

I can offer suport for the following areas:

Bluetooth wireless technology

Since 2008, Bluetooth wireless technology makes up the center of my activities. For a number of profiles, e.g.:

...I have successfully implemented AT-commands on Bluetooth enabled electronic modules. For these modules, based on chipsets BlueCore5 and BlueCore4 of manufacturer CSR, I have also carried out related tasks, such as integrating DSP code and accompanying the Bluetooth SIG qualification process. Buzzwords: PTS-testing, TestPlan etc.


Embedded Software

For a series of various architectures I have developed embedded software: from 8 bit microcontrollers in assembler and C (e.g. 8051) over 16-bit up to 32-bit processors of various manufacturers, as well as for x86 platform. Thereby peripherals have often played a key role, e.g. timer/counter, ADC, UART, SPI, CAN-Bus etc.

Application were systems for data communication, for measurement / data acquisition and processing, vehicle control and a human-machine-interface.


Test und Automation

Python - the interpreter programming language named Python is suitable for the develpopment of automated tests.

I've utilised it to check the correct function of AT-commands of wireless modules in an automated test environment. Wide ranges of parameters and manifold parameter combinations were efficiently covered.

Beyond that, by automating the control PC using Python, autonomous test cycles with limited operator interaction or even without interaction at all were accomplished. This has allowed to monitor and to improve product quality conveniently and consistently.

LabView - is a graphical programming language (manufact. National Instruments, "NI"), allowing to visualise measurement results and enabling data acquisition and digital signal processing on PC or on embedded platforms. Over the course of several years I have been using LabView software to solve such tasks. For example during development of a condition monitoring system for wind turbines.

TestStand - In addition I could gain experience with NI TestStand software. This is a programmable test sequencer, controlling small sub programms. Application was a testbed in electronics mass-manufacturing.



Documentation presents a significant component of firmware. Only a comprehensible description of firmware functions allows their optimal usage.

For this reason I set value on a documentation which describes available functions comprehensibly and clearly. During creation of firmware release notes and user manuals, I pay attention not only to a well structure, but also to diagrams, graphics and tables complementing text paragraphs. Concrete use case examples allow the user to save valuable time.


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